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World first – baby carried by two mothers

In a world first, a baby has been  ‘carried’ by two mothers.

The process which is similar to IVF, involves fertilising eggs with sperm in a lab, incubating them, and transferring the resulting embryos into the uterus. Through this,  an American same-sex couple has been able to share the experience of carrying their baby.

“… I think any contribution is awesome.” says Dr Joe.

Not something that is currently available in Australia, however, Dr Joseph Sgroi says “I think it’s technology that we’d no doubt investigates for the future,”

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Recent research into taking fish oil supplements during pregnancy.

New studies have shown that women who take fish oil supplements or eat plenty of oily fish during the second half of pregnancy are more likely to have stronger babies. Dr Joseph Sgroi speaks to Channel 7 about the studies.

“Improvements not only show increased weight for babies, but also improvements in the lean body mass and bone density in children up to the age of 6”

Ectopic Pregnancy – everything you need to know

An ectopic pregnancy occurs when a fertilised egg implants itself outside of the uterus. In a normal pregnancy, a fertilised egg would travel through the fallopian tube before implanting in the uterus.

“Imagine you’ve got a pipe and you’re running balls down that pipe, but then imagine if, in that pipe, you have a little bit of rust deposit – now when you try to run this ball through the pipe, it gets stuck, so it stays there. If for whatever reason there’s scarring [in the tube], and the embryo gets stuck, then obviously it can continue to grow there.” says Dr Joseph Sgroi –  obstetrician, fertility specialist and gynaecologist.

Moderate alcohol consumption improves male fertility, study finds

“For men, the recommended guidelines for alcohol consumption are more relaxed than they are for women when trying to conceive,” he says. Although Dr Joseph Sgroi is quick to point out this doesn’t mean carte blanche for men.

“This isn’t reason for fellas to book a regular night out at the pub to boost their fertility,” he states. “It is important to note that the subjects of this recent study self-reported their own alcohol intake which is a limitation of the research data, so more research is needed to know what the impact really is.”

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