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Vaginal scraping – unnecessary!

There has been a lot of talk about Vaginal Scraping after Mel B revealed that she underwent the procedure when speaking to the Guardian.

There is absolutely no need to get this treatment as your vagina replenishes itself. Cells in the lining of the vagina will replenish on their own – and in a very short space of time.

I spoke with Mamamia about the procedure and how it is not only unnecessary but can cause harm


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Take time, take a break

Taking a short break to refresh is great for everyone’s health.

One of the most important things to myself and my amazing team is being here for my patients.

Whether that is a chat in the waiting room as we learn more about you and your family or being on

standby for emergencies and baby deliveries.

I am on call 24/7.


I recently had a chat with the Herald Sun about taking lunch breaks and what it means in my practice.

Recent studies have shown that just 28% of workers take a lunch break.

“The nature of my business means I’m pretty flat out during the course of the day, so lunch breaks, unfortunately, might not be available to me… the most important thing is to take those small, short breaks, even five minutes just to sit down, relax, collect your thoughts and recuperate.”

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World first – baby carried by two mothers

In a world first, a baby has been  ‘carried’ by two mothers.

The process which is similar to IVF, involves fertilising eggs with sperm in a lab, incubating them, and transferring the resulting embryos into the uterus. Through this,  an American same-sex couple has been able to share the experience of carrying their baby.

“… I think any contribution is awesome.” says Dr Joe.

Not something that is currently available in Australia, however, Dr Joseph Sgroi says “I think it’s technology that we’d no doubt investigates for the future,”

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Recent research into taking fish oil supplements during pregnancy.

New studies have shown that women who take fish oil supplements or eat plenty of oily fish during the second half of pregnancy are more likely to have stronger babies. Dr Joseph Sgroi speaks to Channel 7 about the studies.

“Improvements not only show increased weight for babies, but also improvements in the lean body mass and bone density in children up to the age of 6”