Pregnancy and Paracetamol

November 5, 2019

I recently spoke with the New Daily about recent studies into pregnancy and paracetamol. The studies linked paracetamol use in pregnant women to ADHD and autism disorder in babies.

Whilst studies like this aim to establish the link between ADHD and autism they do little to decrease the anxiety that comes with being pregnant, undergoing childbirth and raising a child.

Causation has not been established in this study. Any study such as this should be prospective and not seek answers to the question of causation by questionnaire nor a blood sample taken at the time of birth.
Furthermore in Australia and particularly for my patients – we tend to use paracetamol in childbirth – making this study invalid.

For this very reason caution is advisable when publishing such a study and until a prospective well-documented study is performed then claims of its adverse effects should be tempered by common sense.

Pregnancy is a very important time for you to look after yourself and of course your growing baby. Further studies are required before any conclusions can be made into the effects of pregnancy and paracetamol.

If you are unsure or have any concerns, please speak to me at your next appointment.
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Head over to The New Daily to read the article.

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