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If you are experiencing problems with fertility, you may be considering trying IVF to conceive.


When should you see a fertility specialist?

Are you
considering IVF?

Before you make this decision, it is important to know that there are steps you can try prior to trying IVF, such as ovulation induction or IUI (intra uterine insemination). Depending on your particular fertility issue, these alternative treatments may be suitable for you, however it is best to speak to a fertility specialist first to verify what steps you should take.

When a patient first makes an appointment with Dr Joseph in one of the IVF clinics, he reviews previous investigations, organises any extra relevant tests that may need to be taken and outlines a management plan based on the patient’s condition. A pre-treatment appointment is also made to discuss this plan. Usually around 80-90% of women under the age of 35 can conceive within a year of trying. If you haven’t become pregnant after this time it is advisable to contact Dr Joseph. For women over 35, if you are not pregnant within six months of trying, please contact Dr Joseph.

Other possible reasons for infertility concern include a low sperm count in men, irregular or absent menstrual cycles, painful periods, a history of endometriosis or pelvic inflammatory disease, previous miscarriages, or previous chemotherapy or cancer treatment. Diagnosis and tests are conducted in an IVF clinic in Melbourne via blood tests, biopsies, ovarian reserve testing, imaging studies, laparoscopic evaluation and hysterosalpingography viewing.

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Dr Joseph Sgroi is a well-known obstetrician and gynaecologist, practising in Epworth Freemasons.

He can assist you in all aspects of infertility and Melbourne IVF treatment.

If you have any questions about IVF, or if you would like to arrange an appointment with Dr Joseph, then please contact his reception on (03) 9416 1586.


Dr Joseph Sgroi will arrange all the necessary investigations so as to best optimise your fertility.

  • Hormonal Tests
  • Checking ovulation
  • Blood tests important prior to pregnancy
  • Pelvic Ultrasound +/- Tubal Patency Testing
  • Antimullerian Hormone Assay
  • Chromosomal Testing and Genetic Screening if required
  • Diagnostic Laparoscopy or Hysteroscopy if required
  • For males this includes:
  • Hormonal Tets
  • Semen Analysis
  • Chromosomal Testing and Genetic Screening if required

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