How To Improve Your Caesarean Scar

July 24, 2018

All mums are encouraged to ‘rest up and take it easy’ to ensure they heal well after birth. Mums who deliver via caesarean section are also asked not to drive for two weeks or lift heavy objects for six weeks. They will need to care for their tums while watching out for signs of possible infection during their recovery from a belly birth.

All this while caring for a new baby, it’s a busy time!!

How to minimise c-section scar appearance

Internal recovery is my main concern for a caesarean birth, however, minimising the appearance of a c-section scar is just as important to obstetricians as it is to their patients.

Many of my patients ask about what to expect about the size, appearance, length and colour of their scar.

I usually use Insorb for my caesars as it results in a great scar which is small, flat and fades away over time.

A comparison of the result of an insorb absorbable staple for a c-section. Comparison at surgery and 15 months later.

Applying a silicone gel to your scar can also help lighten, soften and flatten its appearance.

Our pharmacy at Epworth Freemasons is downstairs from the maternity ward and has a range of silicone gels and other products and services to assist new mums and babies.

Should you massage your caesarean scar?

I also encourage our mums to assist with the healing process by massaging their caesarean scars and stretching the skin surrounding the site from six weeks postpartum.

Massaging the area assists with the healing process and may help to relieve any feelings of tightness or discomfort from the scar by ‘pulling’ on surrounding tissue.

It also helps avoid any sensation of numbness and relieves tenderness on the actual incision site while also improving the cosmetic appearance of the scar over time.

At your six-week check-up, you will usually receive the all-clear to massage your caesarean scar using up and down movements, side to side and circular motions.

Skin stretching techniques

Here are some skin stretching techniques you can try for a few minutes each day, and the result will be in a thinner and more aesthetically pleasing caesarean scar:

  • Place your two index fingers together and around 5-6 centimetres away from your scar
  • Stretch the skin by moving the fingers up and down around the entire incision
  • Next, stretch clockwise and anticlockwise
  • Now go side-to-side
  • Massage completely around the scar, repeating each movement 5-10 times
  • Repeat for 5-10 mins daily

Scar massaging

As soon as your incision is healed, you can then begin massaging your caesarean scar. Here are some helpful techniques:

  • Place two or three fingers together at a slight angle on the edge of your scar
  • Stretch the scar by pushing your fingers 1cm in one direction and hold for 10 seconds
  • Next, go in the other direction
  • Move along the scar every 1-2cm and repeat over the length of the scar, stretching in all directions
  • Next, lift the scar away from your belly using your index finger and thumb
  • Roll the scar between your two fingers for 10-15 sec
  • Move along the entire length of your scar in 1cm intervals.
  • Repeat for 5-10 mins daily

Read our caesarean section pamphlet for more information, and if you would like to share before and after pics of your caesarean scars, please email

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