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Why I do my job…

I recently spoke with Mamamia about – answering the weekend’s strangest question: Why do you do your job?

“I feel humbled to be involved. At the end of the day particularly in terms of childbirth and to be involved in that and to be able to help someone bring life into the world… it’s a very humbling experience,”

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Catching Babies!

Celebrating Catching Babies

It really is important to take some time out when we can, to stop, reflect and enjoy what is going on around us.

Recently I got to do exactly that and to celebrate an amazing thing with not only my team but also about 60 babies and their families. The afternoon tea was a truly humbling experience.


Herald Sun


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Can travel affect your period?

International travel can affect your period, either by delaying it or even bringing it on sooner.

“It’s got nothing necessarily to do with the timezone you’re in, but more the disturbance in your patterns of sleep…”

Changes to your menstrual cycle while travelling all come down to our hormones shifting. Long haul flights can cause stress on our bodies which in turn may make your ovulation schedule move around.

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What is a fertility diet?

I recently spoke with Body +Soul all about the ‘Fertility Diet’ and how consuming a well-balanced diet can help improve your odds of becoming pregnant.

Looking after yourself when trying to conceive is very important.

It is not all diet – keeping active is good for your body and can also reduce your stress levels, which can then improve your chances of getting pregnant.

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Implantation bleeding

There are many reasons women may experience bleeding while pregnant and there can be a lot of confusion about it.

I recently spoke with Kidspot all about the ins and outs of what it may (or may not) be when it comes to implantation bleeding.

Part of this conversation was based around the importance of talking to your health care professional when you have any concerns and not relying on Dr Google.

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Palace news – is it triplets?

We congratulated Megan and Harry on their wonderful baby news and chatted about age and how it relates to pregnancy.

The question that everyone is asking now is… Will it be a multiple birth?

I spoke to New Idea about the changes in the body and how normally for a single baby that the size in centimetres relates to the number of weeks.

“For twin and triplets, this, of course, would be much more, with the size several centimetres bigger.

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