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The best way to deal with visitors and a newborn

I recently spoke to the Sydney Morning Herald regarding dealing with vaccinations and visitors when you have a newborn.

My recommendations are:

  • Women should be vaccinated against influenza and whooping cough during pregnancy. This offers the best possible protection to the baby
  • Ask people to be immunised if they will be caring for the baby in close proximity in the first six months of life (usually direct family members such as parents, siblings and grandparents)
  • Any other friends or relatives can be unvaccinated but should be instructed to not visit if showing any signs of illness until they are completely healthy
  • Those caring for or touching the baby should maintain good hand hygiene
  • Ensure infants are vaccinated against the flu and whooping cough as soon as they are eligible

“The anti-vaxxer movement has polarised our community. There are those that trust the medical profession in preventing illness through vaccination, whilst others believe there is harm created,”


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Early Pregnancy signs and symptoms

I recently spoke with Mamamia about the 9 early signs of pregnancy… other than missing your period of course!

“Around 60 per cent of women will experience some sign or symptom that they’re pregnant at around the five-week mark. For example, you miss your period, and then around a week later, you experience symptoms.”

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Why I do my job…

I recently spoke with Mamamia about – answering the weekend’s strangest question: Why do you do your job?

“I feel humbled to be involved. At the end of the day particularly in terms of childbirth and to be involved in that and to be able to help someone bring life into the world… it’s a very humbling experience,”

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Catching Babies!

Celebrating Catching Babies

It really is important to take some time out when we can, to stop, reflect and enjoy what is going on around us.

Recently I got to do exactly that and to celebrate an amazing thing with not only my team but also about 60 babies and their families. The afternoon tea was a truly humbling experience.


Herald Sun


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Can travel affect your period?

International travel can affect your period, either by delaying it or even bringing it on sooner.

“It’s got nothing necessarily to do with the timezone you’re in, but more the disturbance in your patterns of sleep…”

Changes to your menstrual cycle while travelling all come down to our hormones shifting. Long haul flights can cause stress on our bodies which in turn may make your ovulation schedule move around.

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