10 Essential Pregnancy Items

July 30, 2019

Yes – there may just be a thing or two that you need when you are pregnant.

  1. Water – grab your bottle and carry it with you
    – At least 9 glasses – yup, when you are pregnant you need more water. But don’t worry, you can mix it up by adding some fresh fruit or herbs like mint to your water.
  2. Vitamins – good for you and the baby
    – A pregnancy multivitamin is a must. You need more iron when pregnant for both yourself and your baby. Folic acid, which reduces the risk of neural tube defects like spina bifida. And iodine which assists with your babies brain development.
  3. Morning sickness remedies – from wristbands to peanuts there are a lot of options around… what works and what doesn’t is different for EVERYONE!
    – It may take some time to find what works best for you – and for the 80% of women that experience it – it does not always happen just in the morning.
    – The good news is that we do normally notice that from about 12 weeks it does tend to subside.
    – If at any time you are concerned about your morning sickness, please contact your health care professional.
  4. Maternity pillow – it’s time to get comfy.
    – There are plenty of options around, from full body pillows that support back, hips, knees and your neck to wedges that fit under your growing belly to give support to both your belly and hips.
  5. Panty liners – things can and will change down there – a lot of ladies experience discharge during pregnancy. This is perfectly normal and occurs due to the change in hormones and blood flow.
  6. Heartburn remedies. Indigestion is very common in pregnancy and as your baby grows it can become more frequent. Make sure that if you do decide to take an antacid it is safe for pregnancy. Always check with myself or a pharmacist before taking anything
  7. Toilet paper – stock and stack up those rolls… might seem a bit odd, but you will be going to the toilet a LOT!
  8. Snacks – something tasty – whether it be sweet or savoury. Fresh fruit and veggies are a great go-to as are nuts and dried fruit too. Pack yourself a travel container to keep your goodies with you.
  9. Milestone pregnancy cards – these brilliant cards are perfect when you are not necessarily glowing – and Australian made  https://www.inklets.com.au/collections/inappropriate-milestone-cards/
  10. Moisturising cream – get rubbing that belly! You may find that your growing belly gets itchy. A good cream may also help reduce stretch marks too.
July 30, 2019

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